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Bayview Cemetery

Penobscot, Maine

Transcribed by Margaret "JILL" Bohman

This is a list of the gravestones I documented July 17, 2001 to: Bayview Cemetery in Penobscot, Maine located sort of on corner hwy 199 and 175 (behind post office is driveway into cemetery) where the word “photo” appears after name, means I do have a digital photo of gravestone. I do not have these in any particular order.

Jill Bohman

Varnum / Perkins (all of these on same stone)
Josiah Varnum Died 3-31-1884 63yrs.
Phebe P. his wife 1821-1903
E. Mabel daughter of G.H. & F.S. Emerson 1889-1901
Julia A. Perkins Died 8-21-1884 age 67yrs
Sarah N. Leach Born 3-5-1841 Died 2-18-1921 (Photo)
Hiram F. Leach Born 12-3-1834 Died 2-19-1911 (Photo)
Co. A. 14th Maine Regt. Vol.
Son - Leland Died 7-6-1889 - 4yrs 3dys
Infant (no name or dates)
Bradford died 5-16-1903  78yrs 6mos 23dys  (Photo)
Charlotte Died 4-26-1895  67yrs 24dys (Photo)
Millard F. son of Bradford and Charlotte died 3-22-1874  23yrs 7mos 20dys (Photo)
Bradbury B. Leach Died 3-10-1930 71yrs 5mos (Photo)
Geneva F. wife of Bradbury Leach Died 7-29-1887 23yrs 7mos (Photo)
Silas J. Bowden died 1-2-1894  35yrs 1mo (Photo)
his wife
Flora A. Died 5-28-1927 67yrs 11mos 7dys
Flora D. Died 9-21-1856 10 mos 24dys
Flora A. died 2-28-1858  4dys
John L. Wardwell   3-5-1834 to 12-27-1908  (Photo)
Phebe R. wife of John L. died 10-11-1882  46yrs (Photo)
Mary wife of Capt. Charles Wardwell died 8-10-1893  83yrs (Photo)
Mrs. Sally wife of Capt. James Leach  11-24-1850  77yrs 3mos 3dys  (Photo)
James Leach  8-25-1881  76yrs 15dys  (Photo)
Mary H. wife of James Leach died 11-29-1898 (Photo)
Dorothy Wardwell  1842-1912
Deborah wife of Capt. Peter Leach died 9-7-1892  68yrs 6mos 10dys  (Photo)
Capt. Peter M. Leach died 6-28-1882 79yrs 10mos (Photo)
Dorothy wife of Capt. Peter Leach died 5-9-1844 40yrs 17dys  (Photo)
Capt. Peter Leach - Lost At Sea  (Photo)
Otis Leach - Lost At Sea  (Photo)
Nettie S. died 1-17-1863 10yrs 8mos  Venia G. died 1-12-1863 6yrs 4mos daughters of Peter & Deborah Leach                                  (Photo)
Lena Wardwell wife of Walter J. Creamer Born 9-21-1868 died 2-13-1900 31yrs 5mos 11dys
Bowden   (Photo)
Elisha R. born 1-15-1836 died 8-7-1897
Clara L.  born 1-4-1842 died 11-23-1928
Annie G.  born 11-19-1839  died 2-8-1868
back side of stone
Vesta Maude  born 1-23-1880  died 12-5-1908 (no photo)
George E. Perkins 1841-1885
Mary E. Perkins 1845-1923
Elias Perkins 6-6-1864 to 11-17-1920
Newell R. Perkins  1878-1937
Hortense W. Perkins 1884-1934
Herbert M. Leach husb. of Lillian B. Leach born 2-1-1860 died 6-27-1910 50yrs 8mos 27dys
(in the year 1910 of his death the 9 is inverted   1d10 is how it looks)
Eva M. wife of Donald D. Leach 1889-1917
Captain C. Perkins 1862 - 1913 (was hard to read could of been 1918 as year of death)
Susie W. Clement 1889-1930
Pauline M. Clement  1905-1910
(gravestone says PERKINS but lists Susie and Pauline as Clement)
Sewall Leach  born 8-17-1836 died 1-10-1914
Eliza A. Leach born 7-1-1838  died 2-20-1913
Ruth P. wife of Dexter C.  born 4-16-1882  died 7-10-1912
Hilda E. Littlefield  1902 - 1922
Dexter C. Littlefield  born 8-23-1877  died 4-7-1941
Capt. Isaiah W. Bowden  1841 - (no date of death)
Ellen M. Leach his wife  1844 - 1915
Nettie L. Hutchins  1863 - 1927
J. Madison Wardwell  1832 - 1892
Ida M. His wife  1858 - 1922
Their children
Wells  1877 - 1912
Jay M.  1891 - 1895
Milard w. Clement  1860 - 1926
Lizzie E. Clement his wife  1866 - 1926
Snowman  (Photo)
Leander A. Snowman  1832 - 1914
Phebe M. Bridges his wife  1837 - 1927
Florence L.  1859 - 1862
Rowena F. Infant 1861
Luella V.  1856 - 1942
backside of stone
Charles Snowman  1792 - 1854
His wife Mary Hutchings  1793 - 1891
Joseph B. Littlefield  1846 - 1924
Eliza J. Littlefield  1848 - 1913
Norris L. Grindell  1869 - 1947
His wife
Lizzie C. Varnum Grindll  1864 - 1922
Their Daughter
Claire O.  1892 - 1907

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Prepared by:  Margaret Bohman
Submitted on:  6-May-2002

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