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Black Creek Cemetery

Butler County, Missouri
Township 24, Range 6, Section 7

Location: From Poplar Bluff Missouri, proceed south on Highway 67 for 2 miles to County Road #471. Turn right, (west), at the south edge of Westwood Hills Country Club, then proceed one-quarter mile and turn left, (south), at the intersection, follow this road one-half mile to the cemetery.

The origin of Black creek Cemetery is unknown; however, it is known that it has been a cemetery more than 130 years.

There is no purchase contract for two additional strips of land made in the last 60 years.

  1. One and ˝ acre in 1935 for $50.00 from William Emerson, recorded in Book 203, page 580, in Butler County Missouri Recorder’s office.
  2. One piece of land, 500 feet by 103 feet, given in 1962 by Robert Wood, recorded in Book 391, page 21, in Butler County Missouri Recorder’s office.

Total acreage for the cemetery——6.6 acres.

This large, rural cemetery was most recently surveyed in 1996 and marked off into 32 sections with more than six thousand plots. Each of the thirteen hundred known graves have a section and plot number assigned. There are approximately two hundred unknown graves.

An article appears in the Daily American Republic newspaper advising the date when the annual May business meeting is to be held. There are (6) board members, or trustees, which serve for 3-year terms with (2) being elected each year.

A Perpetual Care Fund was established in 1972 and donations are accepted. In 1972 the cemetery received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Officers and Trustees as of October 1997 are as follows: Eddie Conover, President; Hamil Montgomery, Treasurer; Herschel Sisk, Lyle Jett, Harold Robertson and Ray Wisdom.

The Black Creek Missionary Baptist Church was organized November 4, 1874 and adjoins the cemetery. It is separate from, and has no connection with, the cemetery. C.C. 11/10/97

Note: At the annual meeting in May of 2000 Sidney Shoumake was elected to replace Hershel Sisk as Trustee.


Legend for Note, Section, and Plot columns

* in the “Note” column denotes missing birth day and month data, replaced by 1/1/year
** in the “Note” column denotes missing death day and month data, replaced by 1/1/year
*** in the “Note” column denotes both birth and death day and month data is missing, replaced by the arbitrary date of (1/1/year)
**** in the “Note” column denotes all date data is missing, either birth and/or death
//// In the “Section” and/or “Plot” columns indicates this data was missing at post time

It is essential to have a legitimate day/month/year entry for the program to function properly. Thus, the reason for the insertion of the 1/1/ for missing day and month data. If a legitimate birth or death date using these figures is necessary, an explanation will accompany the entry in the comment column.

Please disregard entries in the “Note” column if there is a legitimate entry in the “Date” columns. This information was received after posting time and the pertinent entries listed in the “Note” column, which should have been deleted, was not. My apologies.

Explanation of abbreviations used in “Kin” and “Comment” columns.
H/O = Husband Of
W/O = Wife Of
S/O = Son Of
D/O = Daughter Of
D/in/L = daughter-in-law

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