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Bowden - Devereux Cemetery

Castine, Hancock County, Maine

Transcribed by Margaret "JILL" Bohman

Cemetery on Route #166A and Blue Baron Way, Castine, Hancock County, Maine

Jill Bohman

I have digital photo's of each of these
gravestones taken July 16, 2001
John H. Devereux died 9-1-1930 83ys 6ms 12ds
Master Mariner for more than 50 years
Cora E. wife of John H. Devereux died 10-11-1882  26yrs 8mos 12 days
Ebel L. Heath died Jan 12, 1880  52yrs 9mos 27days
Lorenda wife of Eben L. Heath died 12-20-1883  54yrs 9mos 21days
Nora L. wife J. Wesley Bowden died  10-22-905  46yrs 2mos
J. Wesley Bowden died 3-25-1929  80yrs 8m's 8d's
Walter H. son of Saml. F. & Martha J. Devereux died 11-2-1873  5yreas
Martha J. wife of Capt. Samuel F. Devereux  died 9-4-1875  31yrs. 5mos.
Miss Betsey Bowden  died 5-19-1877 95years
Saml. Bowden died  5-4-1864  59yrs 7ms. 9d.
Abigail wife of Samuel Bowden died 10-7-1886  72yrs 10mos.
To the memory of Sewell P. son of Samuel & Abigail Bowden, who was born Aug. 23,
1836, and was killed at the battle of Bull's Run July 21, 1861 while bravely fighting for
his Country; he was the first martyr from Co. H. of the second Regiment of Maine
volunteers, in the cause of the Constitutions and ________ (lost in a leaf in the
way of writing)
Frank M. son of Samuel & Abigail Bowden    Co. K 16 Regt. Me. Vol.
died 7-20-1863   19yrs
Gertrdue L. wife of Edward C. Bowden  died 4-23-1885  27y's 7m's 10d's
(top of her gravestone says "Wife & Child")
Walter S. son of Capt. Samuel F. & Martha J. Devereux died 5-7-1873  4yrs 8ms
Frankie W. son of Capt. Samuel F. & Martha J. Devereux died 10-25-1864  aged 4mos.
(Same Stone)
Carrie died 6-22-1870  10mos. 14days.
Abbie E. died 4-12-1873  11mos. 20days.
Daughters of Capt. Samuel F. & Martha J. Devereux 
Olive D. wife of Nehemiah Bowden died 2-3-1866 20yrs 7ms
Samuel T. Bowden died 2-14-1914  79yrs 10mos.
Edward C. Bowden born 9-20-1857 died 1-27-1923
Addie N. Bowden wife of Edward C. Bowden born 1-28-1866 died 6-20-1954

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Prepared by:  Margaret Bohman
Submitted on:  6-May-2002

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