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Colonie, New York

Transcribed by Ron Migliore

Sorry for the unknowns, but many of the stones are weather worn or broken. This small private cemetery is on the land that belonged to my mother-in-law, Mrs Margaret Leatso.

Ron Migliore

???n WOLF SOCKS  Son of Peter & Catherine   30 Mar 1819  3 years-4 months-7 days
Peter J. C. SOCKS   24 Oct 1820 16 Nov 1822
John WOLF KEMP  20 Jan 1811 7? years-14 days
Michael KEMP    8 Dec 1815  63 years
John J. KEMP    10 Aug 1815 39 years
William M. REED 6 May 1857  35 years
Jessie REED     Son of William and Margaret
Henr? Et?? ?????    29 Jul 18?2 2 months-25 days
Elizabeth KEMP  10 Sep ????
Mary SOCKS      8 Jul 1810  16 Sep 1833 23 years-2 months-8 days

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Prepared by:  Ron Migliore
Submitted on:  5-May-2002

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