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Conover Cemetery

Conover Cemetery, Lawrence County, Illinois

Here is the complete listing for the old Conover Cemetery in Lawrence County Illinois where my 1st and 2nd Great Grandparents plus other relation are buried. It hasn't been used since just after the first part of 1900. I got so very close to visiting it a couple of years ago, within a quarter of a mile, but the rain and mud kept us out since it is situated back in a field and you have to walk to get to it.

- Calvin

Last Name    First Name   MI or Name   DOB          DOD          MKR          Kin          Comments     Notes
Goff         Sarah        C.                        1/1/1916     YES          W of Amos                 ***
Conover      Ellen                                  8/30/1908    YES          W of George
Conover      George                                 1/17/1901    YES          H of Ellen   Aged 66y8m10d
Conover      Lester                    1/1/2001     1/1/2001     YES                       son of G.C. &****
Conover      Henry                                               YES                       Aged 6y8m26d
Conover      Eva                                                 YES          D of G.& E.  Aged 21y8m28d
Conover      Isaac                                  2/19/1926    YES
Smith        Jennie                                 1/1/2001     YES          W of Isaac Conover        ****
Conover      Thomas       J.                                     YES                       Aged 25y6m8d
Faith        Jacob        R.                        1/1/2001     NO                                     ****
Faith        Mary         E.                        7/24/1927    YES          W of Jacob
Conover      Peter                                               YES          S of G. & E. Aged 27y4m8d
Conover      Rhonda                                              YES          W of Peter   Consort of Peter Conover
Conover      Peter                                               YES          H of Rhoda (Rhonda)
Conover      Elizabeth                                           YES          D of P. & R. Aged 13y2m4d
Conover      Caroline                                            YES          D of P. & R. Aged 4y7m18d
Conover      Infant                    1/1/2001                  YES          C of P. & R. Child's sex n****
Gillin       Charles      A                         5/22/1912    YES          H of Emily
Gillin       Emily        P.                        3/17/1912    YES          W of Charles
Conover      Gurty                                               YES          S of E.G. & HAged 28y1m8d
Conover      Eva          M.                                     YES          D of R. & S. Conover
Gillin       John         R.                        4/12/1908    YES
Gillin       Mary                                   3/4/1910     YES          W of John
Conover      Donna                                               YES          D of T.J. & MAged 5m8d
Conover      Charles      A.                                     YES          S of J.M. & MAged 6m      *
Conover      William                                             YES          S of J.M. & MAged 3y      *
Conover      Henry                     1/1/2001     1/1/2001     YES          S of J.M. & MInfant Son   ****
Conover      Jonathan                                            YES                       Aged 28y12d
Conover      Mary         E.                                     YES          W of J.N. ConAged 48y
Conover      Arabell                                             YES          D of B. & M.LAged 1d
Conover      P.           C.           1/1/2001     1/1/2001     YES                       Co D. 62 ILL.****
Conover      Infant                    1/1/2001     1/1/2001     YES                       Name Illegibl****
Conover      Rosie        A.                                     YES          D of H.G. & HAged 22y9m2d
Conover      Edward                                              YES                       Aged 9y10m?d
Conover      Catherine                                           YES          W of R.C. ConAged 61y8d
Conover      Richard                                ########     YES                       Aged 64y2m20d

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Prepared by:  Calvin O. Conover
Submitted on:  21-May-2002

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