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Passenger List of Dragon, September 26, 1749


Sept.26, 1749. Foreigners from the Palatinate and Zweibrucken. Georg Spencer, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Deal. - 563 passengers.
Christoph Eich                       Bernhart Wacker                       
Johannes Godtel                      Friederich Minler                    
Christian Fuchs                      Peter Suhn                            
Jacob Leber                          Johannes Wagner                      
Johannes Eckel                       Matheis Wagner                        
Georg Hostman                        Johannes Zwalle                      
Johannes Hust                        Casper Zirn [Sain]                           
Bastian Leinthrick?                  Tobias Fey                            
Simon Richter                        Johann Diwall                         
Hans Gauffs                          Kilian Hagert                         
Valentin Weber                       Antony Muller                         
Johannes Weber                       Leonard Waller                       
Jacob Weber                          Adam Egart                            
Anthony Ohber                        Jacob Bruner                          
Jonas Bohrer                         Adam Brommer                          
Martin Sier                          Valentin Weber                        
Anthony Moor                         Dewald Shnyder                       
Jacob Wey?                           Johannes Ross                         
Peter Heimbach                       Johan Nickel Eich                     
Henrich Brill                        Johan Georg Fedel                     
Jacob Brown                          Johan Peter Weyand                    
Jacob Miller                         Johan Jacob Peterman                  
Adam Gerber                          Joh. Christ. Heinrich Beck            
Matheas Miller                       Andreas Gustus Seytz                  
Hans Katzenbacher                    Joh. Heinrich Hartman                 
Ludwig Haspelhorn                    Michael Kilian                       
Johan Philip Bauer                   Ludwig Heitz                          
John Nicklaus Hayn                   Jacob Heitz                           
John Nicklaus Reisinger              Jacob Ness                            
Joh. Peter Reisinger                 Martin Loroh                         
Johan Peter Eckert                   Stephan Bauer                         
Philip Jacob Schmit                  Jacob Frey                           
Joh. Heinrich Pengler                Peter Dagon                          
Philip Jacob Eger                    Georg Cump                           
Joh. Heinrich Sies                   Wilhelm Muller                        
Johan Nickel Wentz                   Weyrich Beck                          
Jacob Byshall                        Jacob Roth                            
Johan Georg Dellen                   Jacob Fihr                            
Wilhelm Hoffmann                     Tobias Lawer                         
Melchior Benedict                    Martin Foll                           
Michael Zyndelbach                   Johannes Partts                      
Kilian Duvinger                      Jacob Beck                           
Joh. Nicolaus Schneider              Johan Georg Ludwig                    
Johan Henrich Weber                  Philip Muller                         
John Peter Schlarbst                 Ambrosius Bender                     
Jacob Wendling                       Frantz Wittman                        
Friederich Schutz                    Johan Georg Krauss                    
Philip Jacob Schmidt                 Johannes Durr                        
Georg Philip Hartung                 Johan Nicklas Shaffer                
Johann Martin Kolter                 Michael Schneider                     
Friederich Schweickhart              George Jacob Shaffer                 
Christian Hoffstattle                Johannes Enders                       
Hans Georg Hartlieb                  Johan Friederich Widman               
Michael Lenard                       Balthaser von Konnen                  
Henry Weber                          Martin von Konnen                     
Johan Valtin Weber                   Jacob Weidler                         
Jacob Kraus                          Johann Henrich Eyrt                   
Paulus Hartman                       Anthoni OEhler                        

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