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A Gray Family Cemetery

Transcribed by Margaret "JILL" Bohman

This is A Gray Family Cemetery on Route #175 in Penobscot, Maine across the street from Mail Box #212. The following are the graves that are in this cemetery according to my notes July 17, 2001

Jill Bohman

Fred S. Gray 1861-1957 and Mary L. Gray his wife 1868-1947
Flossie B. 1884-1954 (wife of) and Thomas J. Gray 1880-1958
Maurice E. Gray 1866-1923 and his wife Margaret C. Gray 1874-1919
Charles P. Gray 1844-1919 and his wife Presscilla H. Gray 1851-1924
Fannie E. Gray 11-24-1872 to 2-16-1947 wife of Vinton C. Gray 1870-1948
Arthur W. Perkins 1887-1966 and wife Grace F. Perkins 1890-1963
Mattie B. Bowden 7-28-1866 to 4-2-1913 wife of William W. Bowden (no dates for him)
Charles Gray 9-22-1813 to 12-11-1896 and wife Dorathea M. Gray 7-19-1814 to 9-4-1888
Robert B. Gray 9-12-1839 to 3-23-1914 and wife Abbie Gray 1-28-1843 to 3-28-1911
James D. Gray 3-3-1892 87yrs 3mos 15dys and wife Sarah W. Gray 4-28-1893 88yrs 3mos 27dys
Capt. Dudley C. Bridges 1831-1920 and wife Cynthia A. Bridges 1831-1909
Susanna Gray 1-3-1868 81yrs 9mos wife of Benjamin Gray 3-8-1857 68yrs 11mos 18dys
Susan D. Grindle 8-8-1848 19yrs 6mos 17dys wife of James Y. Grindle (no dates or marker on James)
Sarah G. Gray 7-10-1846 78yrs 10mos 4dys wife of Reuben Gray, Jr. 1762-1858
(backside of their gravestone has their childrens names Soloman, Benjamin, Abigail Staples,
Samuel, Betsey Grindle, Patience, Abner, Andres, Stephen, Reuben 3rd, Ezra) Also a
separate gravestone for Sarah > Sarah G. Herrick Gray 1766-1846)
Nancy H. Daughter of Chelcias and Dorothy Gray 1-6-1865 20yrs 8mos 28dys
(Mother) Josephine P. Gray 1858-1936 (Father) Levi E. Gray 1865-1939
Orville M. son of Joseph and Melinda W. Emerson 3-14-1890 12yrs 4mos 5dys
Joseph M. Emerson 1843-(no date) his wife Melinda 1844-1909 Orville their son 1871(or 1877)-1890
(all three listed on same gravestone)
William N. Gray 1863-1932   Bessie P. Gray 1876-1956  Arthur H. Gray 1898-1971 <all 3 same area
Alice A. Beal wife of Harold M. Peterson 1880-1915 and Harold 1876-1922
Frank P. Gray 1854-1914 (same area) Clara C. Gray 1859-1922
Fred S. Bealle 1854-1919 his wife Louella A. 1859-1947
Benj. H. Gray 8-21-1900 64yrs 11mos 14dys and Emily H. his wife Born 12-1-1841 65yrs 11mos 27dys
^ ^ other side of Benj & Emily is Daughter Iona M. 10-25-1879 1yr 4mos
Lucy wife of Capt. Samuel Herrick 11-29-1847 75yrs 6mos Capt. Samuel 11-5-1835 aged 64yrs
Edwin Herrick 12-4-1841 4-27-1913
Merrill Herrick 4-17-1879 68yrs Sally wife of Merrill 4-3-1885 74yrs
Helen Herrick 1853-1914 and henry Herrick 1856-(no date of death)
(Father) Merrill C. Herrick 1871-1948 (Mother) Mary E. Herrick 1880-1908
John B. Herrick 1905-1970
Herbert C. Gray 1872-1935 and Louisse F. Gray 1876-1965 and marion G. Gray 1905-1938
Ester G. Simpson 1898-1979
(Father) David B. Gray 7-6-1900 66yrs 5mos 12dys (Mother) Frances E. Gray 7-21-1906 44yrs 5mos 22dys
Jacim Gray 6-9-1897 55yrs 6mo and Roseanah Gray 2-11-1889 79yrs old
Albion P. Gain 1-26-1899 23yrs 29dys
Hattie A. daughter of Joseph (M?) & Laura A. Cushing 9-29-1876 14days old
Lemmie E. son of Joseph and Laura A. Cushing 11-6-1888 9yrs 4mos dys

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Prepared by:  Margaret Bohman
Submitted on:  6-May-2002

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