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Unnamed Cemetery

Jonesport, Washington County, Maine

Transcribed by Margaret "JILL" Bohman

Cemetery in Jonesport, Washington Co., Maine by Church of Jesus Christ on corner of Indian River Road and Hwy 187

Jill Bohman

I have digital photographs of the following  gravestones:
Herman E. Son of J. B.. & Susan M. Norton  died 2-15-1880 13yrs 6mos 3dys
Susan M. dau. of Wm. & Miriam Dobbin born 8-16, 1831  died 6-8-1912
Orlanna dau. of Jeremiah B. & Susan Norton died 4-20-1877  21yrs.
Dau. of F. L. & Ada Norton died 1-22-1894  9mos. 4dys. (no name on stone)
Adelbert L. Norton 2-7-1847 to 12-10-1924
Olive E. Norton  7-18-1854  to  10-22-1924
Mark E. Norton  Maine PVT151 Depot Brigade  World War 1      
7-23-1887 to 10-23-1961
Ephraim W. Alley MMI US Coast Guard  1-23-1898  to 3-15-198_(cut date off in photo)
Ferdinand L.  1862-1934
Frances E. Davis  1876-1940
Abraham Norton  died 11-9-1872 
next to his gravestone is one that is hard to read
Anna  Dau. of Abraham & ????? died 10-24-1865  71yrs
Chas. T. Norton died 9-10-1881  59yrs 4mos 11ds (canít read the rest on gravestone)
Hannah wife of Jeremiah B. Norton  died 8-18-1846  58ys 2ms 23ds
Jeremiah B. Norton  died 6-26-1859  71yrs
Phineash   Norton  died 3-23-1846  62yrs
S. R. Norton died 5-23, 1883  73yrs 7mo 
All on same grave stone
Elsie J. wife of Hiram Norton died  5-25-1885  33yrs
Julia E. Norton died 5-16-1885 16yrs
Arthur W. Norton  died  6-25-1883
Solomon L. Norton  died 5-28-1885  1yr 3dys
on same little marker with no dates
Idella Alley
Betty Alley
on same little marker no dates
Joshua Alley
Rebecca Alley
Urjah Leeman  1873 - 1930
Nettie M.  1876 - 1957
Chas T. Norton  died  9-10-1884  59ys 4ms 11ds.
he was Corporal of  Co. A 11 Regt. Me. Vol.
All The Following on same gravestone
U. Leeman Norton 1874-1930
His wife, Nettie M. Thompson 1876-1957
Evanelia Hinckley, their only daughter 1895-1994
Lester L. Hinckley, her husband 1876-1939
Buried in Lower Cemetery
Lyman Hinckley, their only son 1911-(no date of death)
Who Provided This Memorial
William H. Norton died 6-4-1875  54yrs 9mos
Ezra W. Norton son of William H. & Mary E. Norton 
Lost at sea from Schooner Lizzie  Nov. 16, 1878  20yrs 3mos.
FATHER   J. B. Norton Jr.
back side of stone        
Jeremiah B. Jr. son of J. B.. & Hannah Norton  4-4-1828 to 8-20-1904
MOTHER   Susan M. Norton
backside of stone       
Susan M. daughter of William & Mariam Dobbin  8-16-1831 to 6-8-1912

User Contribution

Prepared by:  Margaret Bohman
Submitted on:  6-May-2002

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