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Directions to Lumpkin-Westbrook Cemetery- Exit I-55 onto Mississippi Highway # 98 west at Summit, Mississippi. Travel west to an Electric Power substation on the right or north side of # 98 Highway, turn left or south onto a gravel road, across the highway from the Power Substation, for approximately .06 miles , turn right onto a gravel road, this road leads to the Lumpkin-Westbrook Cemetery.

Lumpkin-Westbrook Cemetery was transcribed by Nick Denley, 1005 West Monroe Street, Grenada, MS 38901.

Crissell, John-/ 08-13-1888-/ 07-24-1890/ Son of H. H. & A. E. Crissell
Crissell, Ado D.-/ 02-18-1894-/ 06-04-1895/ Dau. of H. H. & A. E. Crissell
Lumpkin, D. R.-/ 10-14-1828-/ 03-10-1903
Lumpkin, Sarah-/ 05-24-1831-/ 01-28-1902/ Wife of D. R. Lumpkin
Nettles, Thomas Jefferson-/ 08-21-1872-/ 01-22-1924
Nettles, Elizabeth -/ 07-01-1905-/ 11-11-1906/ Dau. of Thomas Jefferson Nettles
Nettles, Louis Woodrow-/ 03-05-1913-/ 04-05-1913/ Son of Thomas Jefferson Nettles
Westbrook, R. G.-/ 02-03-1808-/ 09-11-1855
Westbrook, E. L.-/ no dates/ Dau. of S. J. Westbrook
Westbrook, Allen Newton-/ 03-04-1864-/ 01-13-1914
Westbrook, Sarah Lucretia Carraway-/ no marker/ wife of Allen Newton Westbrook
Westbrook, D. H.-/ 11-12-1876-/ 02-07-1909
Westbrook, Emma Laird-/ 07-06-1862-/ 07-23-1930
Westbrook, Howard-/ 01-11-1891-/ 07-11-1910/ Son of A. N. & E. G. Westbrook
Westbrook, Kate-/ 02-27-1904-/ 06-27-1904/ Dau. of A. N. & E. G. Westbrook
Westbrook, Olever Bell-/ 05-22-1882-/ 02-13-1901/ Dau. of H. A. & Sarah Westbrook
Westbrook, Thomas-/ 07-xx-1936-/ 1937
Westbrook, Mary Hazel-/ 12-01-1900-/ 09-13-1902
Westbrook, M. W.-/ 12-26-1877-/ 12-27-1939
Westbrook, Myrtis G.-/ 01-07-1880-/ 08-23-1961
Westbrook, Ethel-/ no dates
Westbrook, (7) markers
Double Marker
Westbrook, R. D.-/ 07-24-1855-/ 03-26-1888
Westbrook, Susan-/ 07-31-18xx-/ 1855
Wroten, Infant-/ B&D-/ 02-06-1878/ Son of J. B. & J. A. Wroten
Wroten, Juda A.-/ 07-15-1857-/ 09-07-1875/ Wife of J. B. Wroten
Wroten, J. B.-/ 11-04-1857-/ 06-15-1875

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