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Directions to Moak & Sasser Cemetery- I-55 South of Brookhaven, Mississippi, exit West onto Bogue Chitto Road SW, 3 1/2 miles, Moak & Sasser is on the left of Bogue Chitto Road.

Moak & Sasser Cemetery was transcribed November 2, 2000 by Nick Denley, 1005 West Monroe Street, Grenada, MS 38901. Nick was assisted by Kathy Sasser, mother of Traci Sasser-/ 04-03-1984-/ 08-23-2000, with a listing and plat of the cemetery.

Albritton, J. (Child) no dates
Albritton, J. (Child) no dates
Albritton, M. (Child) no dates
Albritton, M. (Child) no dates
Double Marker
Albritton, Matthew-/ 184x-/ 1876
Albritton, Mary-/ 1853-/ 1891
Blunt, Jimmy-/ 12-30-1878-/ 09-15-1882/ Son of J. P. & S. E. Blunt
Burton, Jimmy Prestridge-/ no dates
Burton, Jimmy (Child) no dates
Clark, (Child)/ no dates /Child of Viola Clark
Freeman, ??
??, Freeman
Johnson, Josephene-/ no dates
Johnston, Eunice Maybell-/ 07-25-1901-/ 09-26-1902
Jones, Infant-/ 07-03-1906/ 3 mos., 4 days
King, Rosaliee Moak-/ no dates
Kyser, (Child) no dates
Moak, Ottis W.-/ 04-25-1901-/ 01-18-1971
Moak, Thomas Joseph ‘Tommy’-/ 06-29-1938-/ 02-25-1989/ Son of Ottis W. Moak
Moak, T. M. ‘Tom‘ -/ 10-29-1872-/ 03-21-1926
Moak, Malissa Redd -/ 05-05-1879-/ 01-10-1921/ Wife of T. M. ’Tom’ Moak
Moak, Julia-/ 01-28-1848-/ 06-13-1929/ Wife of T. A. ’Asa’ Moak
Moak, T. A. ‘Asa’-/ 12-09-1839-/ 12-18-1882
Moak, A. W. ‘Webb’-/ 02-22-1832-/ 1884/ Son of Julia & T. A. Moak
Moak, Infant-/ 09-14-1890-/ 09-14-1893/ Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Moak
Moak, Middleton, Jr.-/ 05-10-1847-/ 04-xx-1895
Moak, Frances W. Sasser-/08-13-1853-/ 08-08-1925/ Wife of M. Moak, Jr.
Moak, Child of M. Moak
Moak, Child of M. MoakR

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Prepared by:  Nick Denley
Submitted on:  10-Jan-2002

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