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Maple Springs Cemetery

This graveyard is located somewhere near Winnsboro Texas, it might actually be in Maple Springs. I dont have a complete cemetery listing just some of my family names that are buried there.

I went to this graveyard with my grandfather so i know My Great Great Grandparents are buried here as well but they do no have a marker, so I didnt know if I could include them on my list. They are buried side by side with bricks around them so if you want to include them as well their names were Jeneral Green Cowley and Synthia Drucilla Cowley.

Leah Cowley

Margie Cowley b. jan.30 1901 d. oct.11 1918 
Ferma Burton Cowley b. Feb.25 1891 d.July 1 1968 
Mary Ethel Cowley b. March 22 1896 d. Feb. 17 1954 
Russell "spec" Osbourn b. Sept. 1 1935 d. Apr. 7 1995 
D.E. Watson b.1860 d.1937 
Laura J. Watson b.1876 d.1941 
M.E. Cowley b. May 7 1830 d. Aug. 7 1896 
Lee Brotherton b. May 1 1888 d. Apr. 20 1955 
Nollie Brotherton b. Apr.3 1890 d. Aug. 7 1966 
Bascom Calhoun b.Mar. 11 1890 d. Dec.16 1981 
Jewell Calhoun b. Nov. 29 1894 d. Apr. 6 1978 
Ether T. Cowley b. 1882 d.1961 
Fannie J. Cowley b. 1887 d. 1960 
Demos F. Cowley b. Feb 1 1868 d. July 27 1919 
Dozy Cowley b. Dec. 26 1867 d. Oct. 16 1934 

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Prepared by:  Leah Cowley
Submitted on:  24-Mar-2002

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