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Cemetery Index

Oliver County, North Dakota

You may search across all of the cemeteries (listed below) that have been indexed by individual.


Oliver County Cemeteries

Indiviual Listings (Coming Soon)

Heilige Dreieinigheit Gemeinde Cemetery Section 26-141-87
Miller Grave Sites Section 15-141-87
Wiebe Graves Section 34-142-87
St. Benedictís Catholic Cemetery Section 30-142-87
Rhein Cemetery Section 12-142-87
Jakobe Cemetery SWC Nw 1/4 Section 12-142-87
Nesbit Cemetery Section 09-143-86
Red Butte Cemetery Nw 1/4 Section 23-143-86
Springbrook Cemetery Section 11-142-86
Schmall Congregational Cemetery SE 1/4 Section 09-142-86
Ellwein Cemetery Sw 1/4 Section 03-141-86
Otter Creek Cemetery Section 10-141-86
Moos Cemetery Section 20-141-86
Bauer And Buchmanís Grave Sites Section 32-141-86
Kitzman Grave Site Section 09-141-85
Hannover Cemetery Section 15-142-85
Oestrich Grave Sites Section 28-143-85
Pleasant Valley Methodist Cemetery Section 14-143-85
Grave Site Section 20-143-84
Bagley Cemetery Section 10-143-84
St. Paulís Lutheran Cemetery Section 14-142-84
Van Den Berg Section 13-142-84
Light Grave Site Sw 1/4 Section 32-142-84
Community Cemetery Section 15-142-84
Hagerott Cemetery Section 15-142-84
St. Martinís Catholic Cemetery Section 15-142-84
Churchtown Cemetery Section 32-141-84
St. Anthonyís Cemetery Section 29-141-83
St. Lucas Cemetery Section 18-141-83
Walker And Hansen Grave Sites SE 1/4 Section 02-141-83
Arroda Cemetery Section 04-143-83
Hensler Cemetery Section 28-144-82
Bagnell Cemetery Section 12-143-82
Burchert Cemetery SE 1/4 Section 12-143-82
Levis Cremation Section 12-13-143-82
Gaines Cemetery Section 13-142-82
Vail Grave Site Section 06-142-82
Bigelow Gravesites NW 1/4 Section 14-142-82
Hanson Grave Site NW 1/4 Section 18-142-82
Bailey Gravesite SW 1/4 Section 30-142-82
Steffenson Cemetery SE 1/4 Section 28-142-82
Steffenson Grave Sites SE 1/4 Section 28-142-82
Yucca Cemetery Section 34-142-82
Hayes Cremation NW 1/4 Section 10-141-82
Thompson Grave Site Section 08-141-82
Hillview Cemetery NE 1/4 Section 33-142-81w
Price Grave Site Section 20-142-81
Sanger Cemetery Section 19-143-81
Blake Gravesite
Rister Grave Site
Deapolis Cemetery Mercer Co. Section 35-144-84
Harmon Cemetery Morton County Section 01-140-82


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