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Odum Cemetery

It is at the corner of where Mock Knob Road (Rt.666) meets Old Jonesboro Rd. in Bristol, Washington County VA.

Bailey,Roby T. b.May 28,1905 d.Jan 09,1993 
Bailey,Trula I. b.Aug 11,1908 d.May 17,1982 
Evans,Rush Floyd Jr. b.Mar 19,1951 d. Oct 30,1988 
Brown,Ella Mae Evans b.Aug 23,1928 d.-- 
Brown,Charles B. b.Apr 21,1936 d.Apr 07,1995 
Miller,Elex T. b.1923 d.1986 
Miller,Varneta R. b.1923 d.-- 
Davis,Shelvin Alonzo b.Mar 15,1918 d. Nov 24,1988 
Davis,Bertha Smith b.Jan 28,1920 d.Nov 24,1988 
Roberts,Clyde C. b.July 11,1907 d.July 30,1987 
Roberts,Hattie b.1888 d.1968 
Roberts,Wiley b.1883 d.1930 
Roberts,Infant b.1945 d.1945 
Roberts,Virginia b.1920 d.1930 
Unknown ,Behind Andrew J. & Ada Mae Harmon 
Faust,Tony R. b.1953 d.1960 
Smith,Arthur Garfield b.Feb 28,1882 d.Jan 20,1934 
Smith,Mary MagDalene Cable b.Mar 01,1887 d.Jan 23,1963 
Odum Infant b.Nov 25,1922 d.Dec 05,1922 Infant of R.D. Odum 
Odum Infant b.Feb 04,1925 d.Mar 01,1925 Infant od R.D. Odum 
Odum,David O. b.- d.- 
Odum,Martha E. b.- d.- 
Booher,Ida Sarah b.Apr 01,1889 d.Jul 10,1963 
Phillips,Robert B. b. Dec 05,1896 d. Dec 09,1966 
Phillips,Virginia W. b.May 31,1904 d. May 29,1988 
Cadle,Charles Henry b.1874 d.1952 
Harmon,Alvin b.1922 d.1940 
Harmon,Johnny b.1926 d.1929 
Harmon,Jasper E. Sr. b.Apr 07,1894 d.Jul 02,1976 
Harmon,Maggie Lee b.Jan 06,1896 d.an 25,1975 
Trivett,Valentine b.Sep 20,1895 d.Feb 28,1905 
Unknown-Beside Maggie Lee Harmon 
Roberts,Maude V. b.1907 d.1990 
Mullins,Sallie b.Apr 14,1884 d.May 15,1972 
Phillips,Mary H. b.1911 d.1968 
Phillips,samuel b.Jun 13,1892 d.Oct 29,1972 
Phillips,Jeffrey b.Apr 15,1969 d.Oct 17,1991 
Widner,C. Robert b.Jun 28,1931 d.Feb 04,1997 
Widner,Mary K. b.Mar 26,1933 d.- 
Widner,Ben H. b.Mar 11,1912 d.Nov 25,1987 
Widner,Inez C. b.Apr 23,1914 d.Feb 04,1998 
Widner,Clayborn B. b.1886 d.1961 
Widner,Ellen Zene b.1890 d.1954 
Widner,Charlie F. b.Feb 21,1906 d.Oct 15,1980 
Bradley,Brian Eugene Jr. b.Jun 22,1988 d.Jun 22,1988 
Bradley,Douglas Eugene b.1946 d.1998 
Bradley,Sandra C. b.1947 d.-- 
Phillips,Roy F. b.1942 d.1997 
Phillips,Elaine C. b.1945 d.-- 
Murray,Fred B. b.Dec 12,1921 d.May 26,1987 
Leonard,Muncy R. b.1911 d.1975 
Leonard,Nat J. b.Aug 18,1904 d.Dec 21,1980 
Cadle,W.B.(Bill)Stringbean b.1903 d.1993 
Cadle,Myrtle V. b.1919 d.-- 
Cornette,Bonnie B. b.Dec 22,1910 d.May 29,1990 
Booher,C.A. b.1908 d.1988 
Booher,Mary L. b.1910 d.1988 
Jones,James "Buck" b.Feb 28,1912 d.Mar 17,1991 
Harless,John T. b.May 26,1926 d.Oct 11,1998 
Harless,Betty A. b.Mar 24,1934 d.-- 
Hurley,Dr.Robert L.Ph.D. b.Aug 05,1942 d. Oct 12,2000 
Tester,Donald Jr. b.1942 d.1982 Wife Shirley-m.Dec 22,1961 
Shortt,Wendy Suzanne b.May 08,1975 d.May 08,1975 
McGuigan,stanley b.1902 d.1973 
Booher,Larry E. b.Jan 01,1971 d.- m.Sep 12,1991 
Booher,Mary E. b.Sep 06,1971 d.Sep 14,1998 
Booher,Joshua E. b.Sep 13,1998 d.Sep 19,1998 
Arnold,Charlie W. b.Jan 15,1925 d.aug 24,1990 S2 US Navy WWII 
Arnold,Helen K. b.Jun 12,1928 d.-- 
Arnold,Allen Michael b.Jun 29,1990 d.Jun 29,1990 
Arnold,William M. b.Mar 04,1913 d.Jun 15,1990 
Arnold,Hazel V. b.Oct 29,1923 d.-- 
Arnold,M.O. b.May 17,1892 d.Jan 01,1986 
Phillips,Henry C. b.Jul 05,1904 d.Apr 17,1984 
Phillips,Nora E. b.Oct 14,1904 d.Mar 27,1986 
Phillips,Mike b.Mar 31,1900 d.Oct 28,1968 
Harmon,Marion T. b. Feb 25,1892 d.Dec 16,1967 (NC)Pvt. US Army WWII 
Harmon,Nellie b.1892 d.1976 
Harmon,Vergie b.1931 d.1988 
Harmon,Loraine b.1936 d.-- 
Widner,Robert H. b.Mar 15,1914 d.May 14 1981 
Cornette,Mary Frances b.1925 d.1961 
Cornette,Beecham b.1915 d.1982 
Phillips,James S. b.1881 d.1947 
Phillips,Belle b.1886 d.1959 
Phillips,Martha E. b.1868 d.1954 
Phillips,James A. b.May 17,1868 d.Dec 19,1918 
Phillips,Lloyd D. b.Jul 07,1908 d.Apr 15,1987 
Phillips,Thomas D. b.1908 d.Aug 09,1913 Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. 
Booher-McKinley,Charles Cecil b.Apr 06,1932 d.Nov 09,1992 
Booher,Eugene b.Jul 06,1930 d.May 25,1980 
Booher,W.Ray b.1905 d.1958 
Booher,Cora C. b.1884 d.1966 
Hurley,Stanley b.1907 d.1969 
Hurley,Elsie B. b.1911 d.1996 
Cadle,Rosa Delaray b.Mar 02,1905 d.Feb 28,1986 
Cadle,Henry Emmett b.Dec 25,1893 d.Jul 03,1948 
Cadle,James Edward b.Apr 30,1934 d.Oct 06,1951 
Harmon,Andrew J. b.Jun 27,1902 d.Mar 04,1988 
Harmon,Ada Mae b.Nov 01,1910 d.May 24,1967 
Cadle,Susie M. b.1874 d.1949 
Cadle Edward b.1862 d.1912 
Cadle,Bryan"Bud" b.Jul 01,1896 d.Mar 06,1986 
Jones,John b.Sep 18,1907 d.May 07,1983 
Jones,Robert Emmett b.Mar 06,1893 d.Dec 15,1976 Pvt. US Army WWII 
Jones,Helen G. (No Dates) 
Jones,Clarence S. (No Dates) 
Jones,W.T. (No Dates) 
Jones,J.W. (No Dates) 
Jones,Susie Jane b.1870 d.1941 
Odum,R.C. b.Jan 26,1920 d.Feb 12,1920 Infant of R.D.Odum 
Odum,Luceal b.Feb 11,1919 d.Feb 26,1919 
Smith,Mrs.Harriet b.1876 d.1941 
Reynolds,Ollie"Doc" b.Aug 27,1915 d.Oct 30,1974 
Unknown - Behind Andrew T. Harmon 

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