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The GIERHART Family Inn

Oldest Burials in Allen County Cemeteries

The following information was taken from grave stones
in 1939 under a W.P.A. project of copying stones.


BARBER , George Sproat Bath d: 15-Mar-1857 age: abt 105y (b:1752)
BIDWELL , Isaac Salem Auglaize d:23-Jun-1856 age: 75y 6m 24d (b:1778)
BLACKBURN , James Old Lima Bath d:15-Aug-1842 age: 82y 6m 20d (b:1760)
BLACKBURN , Rebecca Old Lima Bath d:26-Dec-1878 age: 81y 6m 3d
BLACKBURN , Gen. Williams Old Lima Bath d: 7-May-1858 age: 70y 10m 14d
BOWDLE , Joseph W. Salem Auglaize d: 16-Nov-1855 age: 76y 5m 20d (b:1779)
BOWERS , Elias Old Lima Bath d: 22-Jan-1849 age: 61y 8m 11d (b:1788)
BOWYER , James Shockey Auglaize d: 15-Sep-1844 age: 79y 8m 15d (b:1765)
BOWYER , Margaret Shockey Auglaize d: 4-Jun-1856 age: 85y 2d (b:1771)
BOYD , James Westminster Auglaize d: 17-Aug-1855 age: 82y 6m (b:1771)
CHERRY , ELizabeth Old Lima Bath d: 31-Aug-1846 age: 70y 5m (b:1776)
COCHRUN , Simon Ash Grove American d: 9-Jun-1845 age: 89y 11m 6d (b:1755)
COON , George Old Lima Bath d: 24-Sep-1867 age: 85y 11m 17d (b:1782)
CORL , John Fisher Jackson d: 29-Dec-1862 age: 84y 10m 16d (b:1777)
FUSHEE , J. Fisher Jackson d: 13-Dec-1858 age: 68y (b:1790)
GRUBB , Andrew Ridge Auglaize d: 29-Mar-1840 age: 76y (b:1764)
HADSELL , Dan Ward Auglaize d: 29-Sep-1865 age: 84y 9m (b:1781)
HAINES , Edmunds Allentown American 1783 - 1863
HALLER , Samuel Haller American d: 5-Jul-1853 age: 72y (b:1781)
HARDESTY , Henry Salem Auglaize d: 9-Mar-1852 age: 77y 10m (b:1774)
HAPPSTER , Peter Early Sugar Creek d: 3-Nov-1855 age: 76y 2m 17d (b:1779)
HUBBELL , Hezekiah Benedict Andrew's Farm Richland d: 12-Oct-1855 age: 110y 1m (b:1755)
HULLINGER , Christopher Salem Auglaize d: 11-Mar-1857 age: 72y 16d (b:1785)
LONG , Jacob Sr. Walnut Grove Marion d: 6-May-1859 age: 88y 2m 1d (b:1762)
McCOY , Andrew M. Salem Auglaize d: 14-Nov-1838 age: 55y 7m 21d (b:1783)
McCARTY , Mary Ward Bath d: 25-Aug-1846 age: 88y 5m 2d (b:1758)
McDONEL , Elizabeth Old Lima Bath b: 24-Aug-1773 d: 11-Feb-1848
PLACE , Isaac Old Hartford Amanda d: 14-Oct-1845 age: 65y 5m 10d (b:1780)
PURDY , Daniel Early Sugar Creek d: 2-Mar-1844 age: 76y 9m 2d (b:1768)
RODGERS , W.M. Logan Perry d: 18-Dec-1845 (b:1756)
RUDY , Jacob Salem Auglaize d: 14-Mar-1865 age: 88y (b:1777)
SCOTT , Thomas Old Lima Bath d: 18-Feb-1852 age: 89y 1m 22d (b:1762)
SCOTT , William Walnut Grove Marion b: 19-Feb-1796 d: 4-Apr-1898 age: 102y 1m 16d
SMITH , Francis Smith Auglaize d: 10-Feb-1831 age: 66y (b:1765)
STALEY , P. Lafayette Jackson d: 10-Jul-1844 age: 77y 7m 2d (b:1767)
STEVENSON , Francis Salem Auglaize d: 9-Oct-1841 age: 69y 3m (b:1772)
TAGGERT , Isabella Barton Perry d: 31-May-1849 age: 75y 1m 19d (b:1774)
THARP , John Berryhill Bath d: 20-Jul-1835 age: 64y 25d (b:1771)
TUNGET , Elizabeth Old Lima Bath d: 7-Sep-1850 age: 105y (b:1745)
WARD , James Ward Auglaize d: 10-Nov-1867 age: 83y 7m 10d (b:1784)
WILLIAMS , Elijah Harrod Auglaize d: 3-Apr-1847 age: 64y 8m 10d (b:1782)
YOAKUM , Drusilla West Point Jackson d: 23-Apr-1848 age: 87y (b:1761)
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