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Pennsylvania Persons Naturalized - 1740

Kock, Peter Phila City 10 Aug
Mason, John Phila City 23 Sept
Hesselius, Gustavus Phila City 23 Sept
Smith, Frederick Phila City 23 Sept
Reinberg, Andrew Phila Co. 23 Sept
Hoffman, Jacob Phila Co. 22 Sept
Meyer, John George Phila Co. 22 Sept
Bryer, Jacob Bucks Co. 29 Jun
Fersler, Michael Bucks Co. 21 Sept
Server, Jacob Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Rieger, Joannes Bartholomew Lanc Co. 19 Sept Lutheran Minister
Straube, John William Phila Co. 21 Sept
Arent, Jacob Phila Co. 22 Sept
Bernhard, Andreas Phila Co. 29 Jun
Arwogaust, Jacob Bucks Co. 29 Jun
Walt, Oswald Phila Co. 29 Jun
Melihar, Leonard Phila Co. 29 Jun
Kittler, Adam Phila Co. 22 Sept
Bergstraser, George Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Hartsle, George Henry Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Frey, John Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Beck, George Phila Co. 25 Sept
Aukenbrand, Christopher Phila Co. 25 Sept
Rody, John Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Byar, Blessius Phila City 22 Sept
Breikbill, John Wendell Phila City 7 Sept
Hornbergher, Bartholomeus Bucks Co. 11 Sept

Rule, Peter Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Gruber, Peter Bucks Co. 11 Sept
Hartsell, George Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Rudey, Dedrick Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Seller, Philip Henrick Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Penkick, Joseph Phila Co. 25 Sept
Reiger, George Phila Co. 15 Jul
Simon, Casper Phila Co. 29 Jul
Humble, Uriah Bucks Co. 25 Sept
Trumbole, Andrew Phila Co. 29 Jun
Kepler, John George Phila Co. 1 Sept
Kepler, Hans Bernhard Phila Co. 29 Jul
Sebastain, Michael Phila Co. 1 Sept
Hans, Hieronimus Phila Co. 25 Sept
Hans, Henrick Phila Co. 1 Sept
Roup, George Bucks Co. 22 Jul
Otto, Mathias Phila Co. 1 Sept
Geygar, Valentine Phila Co. 25 Sept
Roup, Peter Bucks Co. 22 Jul
Levick, John Bucks Co. 22 Jul
Hasell, Elias Bucks Co. 22 Jul
Keefer, Jacob Bucks Co. 22 Jul
Pender, Mathias Phila Co. 25 Sept
Richard, John Frederick Phila Co. 25 Sept
Sailor, Balthazar Phila Co. 1 Sept
Walter, Jacob Phila Co. 7 Sept
Humble, Martin Bucks Co. 25 Sept
Ritter, Peter Phila Co. 1 Sept
Maul, Bartholomew Phila Co. 23 Sept
Vogler, John Phila Co. 23 Sept
Nees, Mattheus Phila Co. 21 Sept
Streeter, John Philip Bucks Co. 21 Sept Lutheran Minister
Ritter, Henrick Bucks Co. 11 Sept
Schleydorn, Henry Phila City 3 Aug
Shutz, Mathias Phila City 20 Jul
Schutz, Mathias, Jun'r Phila City 3 Aug
Stone, John Leonard Phila Co. 6 Jul
Reder, Adam Phila Co. 22 Sept
Keeler, Valentine Phila Co. 22 Sept
Knopp, Lenard Bucks Co. 22 Sept
Peters, Hendrick Phila Co. 22 Sept
Coob, Nicholas, jun'r Phila Co. 25 Sept
Mathison, Henry Phila City 27 Jul
Dill, John MIchael Phila City 26 Jul
Albright, George Phila City 3 Aug
Fesler, Felix Phila City 23 Sept
Uttrey, Jacob Phila City 7 Sept
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