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Muster Rolls of Virginia Militia

Muster Roll of Nathaniel Cochran

First Battalion of the 11th Regiment of the Virginia Militia in 1802

Captain - Nathaniel Cochran

Sergeants - Jacob Storm (Sturm), Samuel Freeman, James Mike and Joshua Odle

Corporals - Robert Campbell, Zekiel Ashcraft and Norman Randall

Drummers and Fifers - John Robins, John Martin and Jacob Metts

Section 1- Benjamin Veach, Andrew Fleming, William Fleming, Isaac Mcintire, Charles Martin and William Nay

Section 2 - Bazale Harvey, Robert Davis, James Hall, John Potts and Moses Hall

Section 3 - William Cunningham, Dickey Moore, Joseph McIntire, Daniel Davis, Joseph Rhea and Henry Hays

Section 4 - "Big James" McIntire, John Beverlon, Christopher Nutter, Henry Mike, Garnet Whitelock, Amos Pyle and Samuel Jones Section 5 Richard Parrish, Caleb Davis, John Tetrick, Philip Mike, John Glover, and John Pennington

Section 6 - Joseph Tetrick, Moses Criss, and Robert Downs

Section 7 - Richard Moore, Jacob Barnes, Billy Martin, Spencer Martin, and Benjamin Nay

Section 8 - James McCawley, Henry Tetrick, Isaac James, and Thomas Crouch

Section 9 - William Barnes, William Martin on Bingamon, David Hite, Leven Fleming, John Fanshier, George Jones, Vincent Glover and "Little James" Mcintire

Section 10 - Clement Davis, Henry Davis, John Ashcraft, David Dunham, Isaac Koon, Jonathan Luis Harvey, Thomas McIntire, Thomas Whitelock, Daniel Exline, David Boyston, Lott O. Robinson, Morgan Morgan and Norman Randall.

Muster Roll of Monongalia County, (W)V in 1804

from History of Worthington and Surrounding Communities by Fortney and Fox (book dated 1968 page 353)

List from old paper in possession of Mr. C. B. Fleming of Fairmont.

Captain - Nathaniel Cochran

Moses Hall, Henry Hays, Jacob Storm, Richard Moore, Morgan Morgan, Samuel Freeman, Robert Campbell, John Robins, John Martin, Benjamin Veach, Andrew Fleming, William Fleming, Samuel Potts, Bazel Harvey, Robert Davis, Norman Randall, Joseph Cunningham, Wm. Cunningham, Richard Moore Jr., James McIntire, Joh Beverlin, Christopher Nutter, Isaac Butler, Alexander Bety, Richard Parrish, Caleb Davis, John Tetrick, Phillip Snider, Acquilla Randall, John Pennington, Joseph Tetrick, David Potts, Moses Criss, George Martin, Jacob Barnes, Beef Billy Martin, Jacob Thompson, Spencer Martin, James Dunham, James McCawley, Henry Tetrick, Isaac James, Ezekiel Ashcraft, James Mike, Thomas Crouch, William Barnes, William Martin, John Simms, David Rite, John Fancher, George Jones, Clemment Davis, Henry Davis, John Ashcraft, Joseph McIntire, Edward Connor, Henry Mike, Daniel Davis, Leven Fleming, Charles Martin, Joseph Rhe, William Nay, Gernet Whitelock, John Randall, Samuel Jones, Robert Downs, Amos Piles.

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