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Washoe Cemetery

Payette, Payette Co., Idaho

Washoe cemetery is located 1.7 miles S. W. of Payette, on Washoe road. After considerable research, there appears to be very little information on this cemetery. I have compiled this list from a listed that was put together in February of 1943 by Dora McKinney. This list was in the possession of the Payette County Historical Society. This list does not completely match the one provided by the Idaho State Historical Society. It is believed that there are between 25-30 people buried there, but due to extensive vandalism, only 6 stones remain that are readable. The stones of the Tharp children have been broken off and only the bases remain, but they are located on each side of their mother Fannie Tharp, whose stone still remains and is in relatively good shape. The stone of Daniel Kinsey has had an attempted repair made on it after it was shattered into several pieces.

The origins of the cemetery are still unknown, although at one time, the cemetery, and the property surrounding it, was owned by William H. Upchurch and his wife Adelia. I have found information stating that they deeded the cemetery to the public after their daughter died and was buried there. However, I have never found her name listed on any listing for this particular cemetery.

I am continuing a diligent search until I find out all possible information on this cemetery. I also have photos of the cemetery and the remaining headstones. It is my understanding that there is a local committee that is planning some way of repairing the cemetery. I have no current information on that. Follow this link to the Washoe Web page. http://www.geocities.com/seymour784/Washoe.html

(*) Denotes headstone (*)
Name	Date of birth	Date of death	Comments
Abernathy, Clara		June 4, 1893	Wife of G. Abernathy
Abernathy, Maudie E.	April 1892	June 5, 1893	Daughter of C & C. A. Abernathy.
Ballenger, Hattie C.	1888	1890	(*)
Ballenger, Ray	188?	1892	Son of D & S. P. Ballenger
Bond, Troy			
Clark, Maria J.	December 29, 1809	May 21, 1891	
Clement, Lucy	July 2, 1844	February 21, 1884	Wife of J. T. Clement
Clement, Theophilus	December 7, 1806	April 12, 1884	
Cole, Henry		May 15, 1891	Age about 58 years
Conyers, Walter			Not marked
Gorrie, Ray	January 18, 1888	March 25, 1892	Son of D. Gorrie and S. P. 
Jack, Bessie		April 12, 1889	Age 1 year, child of L. T.  Jack
Johnson, Carl H.	March 10, 1893	August 6, 1893	Son of  P. A. & A. C. Johnson
Kent, Alice		September 26, 1892	Age 1 yr. & 7 months, & 28 days.  Child of L. A. KentRemains were moved to Riverside cemetery in Payette some time after 1943.
Kinsey, Daniel	August 22, 1822	March 22, 1893	(*)
Perkins, J.M. 	May 25, 1801	After 1880	Capt., 34 Ill. Inf., Co. G.  (*)His headstone was moved to the Riverside cemetery in Payette, Idaho on May 15, 1998
Pomeroy, Annie E.	April 15, 1862	May 1, 1886	(*) Partial monument. Wife of Harlan P. Pomeroy.
Randall, Martha Jane		October 18, 1891	(*) Age 4 years, 6 months & 8days. Child of Kate & Josiah Randall. 
Ratcliff, Willie A.		No date	Age 2 years & 10 days
Redington, William E.	1853	1894	(*)
Snyder, William		May 15, 1887	Age 34 years
Tharp, Fannie A.		February 26, 1892	(*) Age 36 years. Wife of J. P. Tharp
Tharp, George	1878	January 15, 1884	 6y, 1m, 9d. Son of Fannie Tharp
Tharp, Infant		February 1, 1885	 Age 11 days, son of Fannie Tharp
Tharp, Perry H.		January 5, 1881	Age 9 months, son of Fannie Tharp
Unknown			G. A. R.
Unknown			G. A. R.
Unknown			G. A. R.
Unknown			G. A. R.
Upchurch, (girl)			1880ís

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Submitted on:  14-May-2002

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