Understanding our Search Engine

The search engine at Genealogy Today includes surname and resource components, allowing visitors to search a variety of databases and catalogs. On the left hand side of every page at GenealogyToday.com there are two search boxes, labelled Surname and Resource.

Surname Search

For years, Genealogy Today has been developing its own databases (including the Funeral Card and War Ration Book collections) and indexing transcriptions and GEDcom files from other web sites. Results from this information is presented in the Surname Search. The search engine will attempt to include phonetic and frequent spelling variations to your search query. At the bottom of the search results, you'll find a variety of pre-programmed surname links to external search engines (e.g. Ancestry, Footnote, Genealogy Bank, RootsWeb, etc.).

Resource Search

The Live Roots project, launched in 2008, combines catalogs from a variety of information providers, and includes databases, books, microfilm, photographs and over 70 other resource types. Results from this catalog are presented in the Resource Search. At the bottom of the search results, you'll find a variety of pre-programmed resource links to external search engines (e.g. Google Books, Amazon, ABEbooks, eBay, etc).

To address the complication that many geographic locations share the same name, the resource search includes an option to specify that you're trying to find a specific place.

Integrated Search

In addition to its own searches, Genealogy Today allows visitors to view results from a variety of other genealogy and online information sites, including Ancestry.com, Footnote.com and Genealogy Bank. Located at the bottom of search results, you'll find a section labelled "Available Partner Services" that contains pre-programmed links using your current search criteria. Simply click on any of the links to see results WITHOUT leaving our web site.

The available integrated searches include:

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