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Our Name in History Book Series

A collection of nearly 300,000 family name books

Our Name in History is a series of unique paperback books of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary, each following a specific family name as far back in history as possible. These books are available exclusively at, and are ideal to share with your children, grandchildren and other family members. These make great gifts for father's day, grandparent's day or just about any family gathering or reunion.

Each Our Name in History book provides facts and figures regarding a specific family name, as well as fascinating articles that help you place the name in the context of U.S. history. For example, you could learn where people with your last name settled in America, what their most common careers were at a given point in history, whether they owned homes -- even what side they served during the Civil War.

These books are created with help from the billions of records and collections on -- the world's largest online resource for family history research. Records considered may include census records, passenger lists, draft card records, state land records, enlistment records, social security death indexes, cemetery records and many other sources.

Over the past decade, has helped people discover their family stories in billions of historical records made easily accessible online. Our Name in History is a natural extension of this effort. In fact, it's an ideal place to begin your journey through time, with remarkable information about the family name you've shared for centuries -- all within the context of U.S. history.

Find out more about the Our Name in History books by searching one of your surnames and visiting for additional details:

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