New England Early Genealogy

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  • Unknown mothers or wives surnames?
  • Possible New England early connections?
  • Connections through 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even 5th wives or husbands?
  • Some 'dead-end' lines?

This database is the first effort to connect and interconnect names from the early New England period. No individual name is included unless it has at least one connection to another -- often with multiple connections. All of the names include any available basic data: birth, death, marriage dates, towns of residence, citations documenting sources.

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New England Early Genealogy Connections 
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Compiled by Alice Howe Palmer, this collection was started over fifteen years ago when it became clear that a database containing connected names could save tremendous amounts of time, effort and money for those searching for genealogy connections in the 1600+/- to 1700+/- time period.

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