Vanished Photo Archive

Vanished Photo Archive

Effective June 29, 2005, this service will no longer be expanded, and some of the photos have been withdrawn. The photos in this collection that were owned by Genealogy Today will be (or have been) migrated into the Family Tree Connection database, and are available as part of an annual subscription. Images that have not been migrated will still be available for purchase.

Having a photo of an ancestor is a great addition to your written history or family video history you may make. Photos are also good for showing family resemblances. Sometimes photos are helpful in showing genetic health concerns.

The pictures we feature here were taken between 1875 and 1970 and were gathered from around the United States. Our vanished photo collection first went online in 1998.

Type in the surname you are looking for and we will show you a list of pictures in our collection. Check our collection every week as we add new photographs on a regular basis.

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Or Check out the Photo Sources in this collection.

Our digital images are far cheaper than purchasing an original photograph. These 600dpi scans are ready for digital reproduction either on a quality color printer or at your local photo shop. Sizes vary based on original photograph. Scanning fees range between $7.95 and $9.95 per image.

We also provide a photograph location service. Tell us the name of the ancestor you are looking for, when he/she lived and in what states they lived in and we will attempt to locate a picture of the ancestor.

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