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Welcome to the O'Shi Family page at Surname Finder, a service of Genealogy Today. Our editors have compiled this checklist of genealogical resources, combining links to commercial databases along with user-contributed information and web sites for the O'Shi surname. As additional sources for vital records, original documents, vintage photographs and surname-based DNA projects are discovered, this page is updated to offer the best list for researching O'Shi ancestry. Share this page on Twitter!

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The O'Shi Family Tree

Everyone has different reasons for building a family tree; your personal motiviation will influence whether the O'Shi family tree has more depth or breadth. Have you struck a O'Shi brick wall? Read "Know Where to Begin Your Genealogical Search" for some helpful advice.

Best Tree Collections for Discovering O'Shi Ancestors

O'Shi Genealogy

Sometimes two people can look at the same handwritten record, and come up with different spellings of the name. Be creative when searching for your O'Shi ancestors -- we often search for misspellings intentionally to see if we missed any records. If you want to know Why can't I find my O'Shi grandmother's passport?, then read this frequently asked question.

Top Five Genealogy Databases to Search for O'Shi

Census records are among the most useful records available for family tree building. There are currently count of matching O'Shi records matching O'Shi records at! Start exploring this online O'Shi family history resource today.

Death Records

Military Records

Origins of the O'Shi Surname

It is quite possible for two people with the O'Shi last name to have been given that surname for entirely different reasons. Discovering the country from which your O'Shi ancestors originated can often yield additional clues for the meaning of the surname. Keep in mind that it was not unusual for a last name to be altered as an ancestor entered a new country.

O'Shi DNA Projects

While DNA testing cannot conclusively tell you if two O'Shi ancestors were related, it can easily prove if they weren't. Be sure you understand what types of research issues each different DNA test can address before you spend any money. If you're not sure how DNA testing could aid your O'Shi research, read "DNA Research and Your Family's History".

O'Shi Family History

Every family has a different history, and every document you discover about your O'Shi ancestors will help paint a picture that can be shared with your relatives. Whether you are a beginner or expert genealogists, knowing How do I find my O'Shi family history on the Internet? is always useful.

Photo Collections

Networking with O'Shi Researchers

In the course of genealogy research, collaboration is key -- we really cannot do it alone, and one of the great benefits of participating in community message boards is building relationships that not only enlightens our research but strengthens bonds across the miles. The article "Looking for John Smith - Focusing a Query" provides some valuable tips for posting successful O'Shi queries.

You may also want to consider posting a query to the Community Message Boards at Genealogy Today to get assistance from other researchers on your most elusive O'Shi ancestors.

O'Shi Achievements & Celebrities

Web Sites & Blogs with O'Shi Research

If you are having difficulty locating records for the last name of O'Shi, contact the folks at ProGenealogists for a free research estimate. You may also find it helpful to read, "When, Why and How to Hire a Professional Genealogist."

RootsWeb search of US Naturalization Records
RootsWeb search of Obituary Daily Times
RootsWeb search of Social Security Death Index

To recommend your web site/blog for inclusion on this page, please submit a link to the user-contributed directory at Genealogy Today. Your web page may appear once its content has been reviewed by our editors.

Upcoming O'Shi Family Reunions

Whenever possible, consider holding the family reunion in place where you have a strong O'Shi family history, which provides opportunities to share stories and visit cemeteries or old home sites; you may even want to consider as a one-day activity, having each family take on the task of gathering information from the local courthouse, school district, public library, etc. -- this, of course, requires advance planning and assignment, but could generate considerable interest and results. The article "Planning Details For A Family Reunion" may provide you with tips for hosting a successful O'Shi reunion.

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