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Genealogy Specific?

Yeah, it sure is! We spend hours guiding our search engines as to where to look next.  It isn't just a hap-hazard crawling program gathering information on the net.  We try to target pages that are specific to Genealogy.  At the same time, we respect the rights of our fellow internet genealogists and skip pages that do not allow indexing programs on their sites.

Our time spent saves you time looking through the myriad of pages returned in your average search engine request.  You can't be all things to all people and do a good job, so we chose genealogy because it is what we love.  We sincerely hope this is a good experience for you.  We encourage you to email all suggestions and comments.

Also, we would like for you to submit your internet page to our search engine.  We are geared toward making connections with today's technology and we hope you would like to be a part of this new internet revolution, too.

We realize that you may have corrections to your page from time to time.  Discoveries and break-throughs are a part of the research process.   We know searching for your ancestors is an iterative process.  If at any time you have made significant changes to your web page, please email us at with the subject "CHANGE", including your URL in the body,  to request that your page be reindexed.  We reindex all our pages on a 30 day cycle to keep our database fresh and up-to-date but if your pages change drastically, in the interest of providing accurate information, we will try to put your page higher on the list.

One thing we want to make clear  WE RESPECT YOUR WISHES AND PRIVACY.  If at any time for any reason, you wish to remove your page from our index, simply send us an email  and put "REMOVE" in the header followed by your web page in the body, and we will remove it within a week.  You will be notified with an email confirming the removal.  We hope you never do this, but we respect your wishes if that is what you want.

Thank you for visiting!

Surnamefinder Programming Staff

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