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Surname Tracker

The Genealogy Research Agent

Every week information is added for between 5,000 and 8,000 surnames at Genealogy Today -- making it a challenge to keep up with all of the surnames that you are researching. That's why we created the Surname Tracker -- a program that runs 24 hours a day matching new information with the profiles of our visitors.

Everytime the Surname Tracker finds a match for one of your surnames, you'll receive an email with summary information and a quick link to get the details. Every email also includes an opt-out link, so you can turn off the service at any time.

The Surname Tracker searches all of the databases at Genealogy Today -- both free and subscription, so you may receive matches from some of the fee-based databases. Even without a subscription, the Surname Tracker can give you clues by telling you the names of possible ancestors/cousins and the sources that they were found in.

The BEST part of the Surname Tracker service is that it is FREE! Anyone can sign up, you don't need to be a member or a subscriber. All you need is an email address -- well, if you don't have an email, we'll even give you one for free as well. That's FREE EMAIL addresses.

Effective January 2007, you will have the additional option to receive the Surname Tracker updates by RSS/XML feed in your favorite news reader.

Sign Up for a FREE Surname Tracker

You may only sign up for ONE SURNAME at a time. After you submit each surname, you will be prompted to add another. This is ONLY FOR SURNAMES, do NOT put in a first and last name.

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