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Welcome to our U.K. Edition. Launched in 2001, we've dedicated this area of our site to highlighting excellent British resources and providing helpful articles on U.K. genealogy topics and news events.

Using the PRO catalogue - The Public Record Office (PRO) is the central depository for national records stored in London. by Peter Brown

Locating Locations in the United Kingdom - Many places can be officially reported as if they were in different counties or towns than those expected. by Denis Galvin

The Search For A Stolen Identity - Millions of Canadians, Americans, Britons, and Australians do not know they are related to each other. by Perry Snow

Welsh Genealogy Photography Requests - I decided to put together my two hobbies, genealogy and photography. This idea came to mind while I was tracing my own family history. by Rosemary Griffiths

Easier Said Than Done—Some Practical Aspects of British Research - When to ask for help from someone in the UK, whom to ask, how to make the requests and how to pay for costs due are practical problems which come up repeatedly. by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Ancestry.com)

Using Directories for British Isles Research - Local directories contain large amounts of information about people and communities. I have used them extensively in British Isles research. by Paul Milner (Ancestry.com)


The UK Depot Index

RMS Albania Souvenir Passenger List
S.S. Caledonia Souvenir Passenger List
No. 4 Platoon Dinner Menu 1917
Manchester Police Orphanage 1893 Annual Report
Norfolk Installed Masters List of 1926 Members

United Kingdom and Ireland Collection (Details) - Includes over 50 million names from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. (Ancestry.com)

Census Returns for England

The Census was taken on the following dates (click on the year to search):
  1801 - 10th March
1811 - 27th May
1821 - 28th May
1831 - 30th May
1841* - 7th June
1851* - 30th March
1861* - 7th April
1871* - 2nd April
1881* - 3rd April
1891* - 5th April
1901* - 31st March
1911** - 2nd April

*Links provided by Ancestry.com
**Will be opened January 2012


Bedfordshire Family History
Birmingham and Midland
Buckinghamshire Family History
Buckinghamshire Genealogical
Cornwall Family History
Coventry Family History
East of London Family History
Family and Community
Isle of Wight Family History
Society of Genealogists
Warwickshire Family History


Queen Victoria Queen Victoria: A Personal History - British scholar Christopher Hibbert adds another engrossing volume to his long list of informative and entertaining histories and biographies. (Amazon.com)

Princess Diana Shadows of a Princess - With her beauty, modesty and charitable good works, she seemed the perfect addition to bring the Royal Family into the 21st century. (Amazon.com)

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