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Welsh Genealogy Photography Requests

by Rosemary Griffiths

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am the owner/designer of the recently launched web site named Welsh Genealogy Photography Requests. I have set up this web site for people who had relatives living in South Wales and for one reason or another not able to visit Wales themselves. My site enables people to see where their relatives lived by having photographs taken of the areas where the family lived and worked.

I have been a keen photographer all my life and due to a change in my circumstances last year I found I had a lot of spare time on my hands, I decided to put together my two hobbies, genealogy and photography. This idea came to mind while I was tracing my own family history. I have been lucky, as my family, on my father's side, have lived in the same area as myself for about 300 years.

This has made it really easy to see where they lived, raised their families and eventually died. Some of the houses they lived in are still being used today. The terrace house in which my great great grandfather lived in is in one of the many welsh mining towns of South Wales. Mining, and the jobs connected with it, was the main employer at this time. When I went to see the house and was amazed how his wife and seven children managed to live in a tiny two bed roomed terrace house. I wondered where they would all sleep!!!!

My site is not just photography it also includes; surnames pages; census checks for 1881 which are done free of charge (have a look at the web site for details); lists of churches that have the name of the Saints that they are dedicated to and in time I hope to add photographs of the different churches. The examples of photographs I have taken are being added too all the time. My newest addition to the site is some of my collection of old welsh post cards, these show Wales as it used to be.

I hope this tells you something about my web site, come and see me at my web site.

Visit the Welsh Genealogy Photography Requests web site

This article was used with permission and is copyright by Rosemary Griffiths. (Granted Mar/2001)

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