British Genealogy


Locating Locations in the United Kingdom
Many places can be officially reported as if they were in different counties or towns than those expected.
by Denis Galvin

British Strays in Canada
The British Isles have undoubtedly provided more immigrants to Canada than any other country.
by Mary Kearns Trace

Using the PRO catalogue
The Public Record Office (PRO) is the central depository for national records stored in London.
by Peter Brown

Welsh Genealogy Photography Requests
I have been a keen photographer all my life and due to a change in my circumstances last year I found I had a lot of spare time on my hands...
by Rosemary Griffiths

The Search For A Stolen Identity
Millions of Canadians, Americans, Britons, and Australians do not know they are related to each other.
by Perry Snow

British Resources for Computer Genealogy
Genealogical articles focusing on computer tools are often limited to United States resources. This article will focus on aids for English genealogy on the computer.
by Alan E. Mann, AG (

Can You Find Your British Ancestors?
Over 32 million Americans can trace their ancestry to England,1 but for most of them, genealogical research is easier in America than it is across the Atlantic.
by Raymond S. Wright III, Ph.D., AG (

Easier Said Than Done—Some Practical Aspects of British Research
When to ask for help from someone in the UK, whom to ask, how to make the requests and how to pay for costs due are practical problems which come up repeatedly.
by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (

Using Directories for British Isles Research
Local directories contain large amounts of information about people and communities. I have used them extensively in British Isles research.
by Paul Milner (

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