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The U.K. Depot Index

The aim of Genealogy Depot, operated by Bruce Deacon, is to provide a source for ancestral records of numerous families. Hopefully the format is clear and useful, both as a research tool and a convenient way of viewing family records. They freely offer the facilities of the site to others for our mutual benefit.

If you wish to contribute any records please send your inquiry to the Mail Box at Genealogy Depot and supply your family records as a GEDCOM format attachment (most genealogy programs can export data in GEDCOM format). If you are unable to provide your data as GEDCOM file send the inquiry and someone will contact you to discuss the best way to transfer the information.

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This index contains over 4,000 entries compiled from various sources contributed to the Genealogy Depot.

 The UK Depot Index 

About the Index

This index was created in July 2002 as a joint effort between Genealogy Depot and Genealogy Today. The listings are hosted at the Genealogy Depot website ( and are integrated into the Genealogy Meta-Search on this site.

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