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Sample card from this collection of Bethel, Alaska residents

The Margaret Holland Collection

Provided by Jeanie Ross ( kjrossfamily@verizon.net )

The information in this collection was gathered as research by my mother-in-law, Marguerite "Margaret" Francis Felder Holland. Margaret's research centered on the town and surrounding areas of Bethel, Alaska, where she lived until she was 12. Her father, John William Felder, accompanied Frank Joaquin who was in San Francisco buying supplies for his new store in Bethel. He arrived in Bethel during the spring of 1908.

In the 1970's Margaret began her research with the plan to write a book. She eventually dropped that idea but kept her notes.

Upon her death I received, at my request, all of her research and papers pertaining to Alaska. The note cards are just as she wrote them. The name or names at the top of the cards are indexed and can be searched using the form below. Additional names appear on the cards, i.e. spouses, children, and business partners.

Many cards include vital statistics (marriages, births, adoptions, and deaths). Some cards have only information about the comings, goings and mining details of the people she researched. Some cards show their abbreviated reference source (see key below).

I'm sure Margaret never expected the information to be on the Internet, simply because she did not know what a valuable genealogy tool the Internet and her work would be to people. Although she never wrote her book, she never threw away her many, many notes. I hope these will be of value to someone looking for information that will fill in gaps or add a little colorful history to your family tree.

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KEY: AD&G = Alaska Directory & Gazette 1934 - 35
A. Mag. = Alaska Magazine
CMB = Paper by C. Michael Brown
DTD = Dog Team Doctor
EKL = Edith Kilbuck Letters
EMM = Eskimo Medicine Man
INHT = Iditarod National Historic Trail
JJ = John's Journal (John Felder)
Kitch = Kitchner
KT = Kuskokoim Times
MD = Margaret's Diary
ML = Margaret's Letters
RL = Rock Letters
R of G = Report of the Governor
Scanable = Dayspring of the Kusk.
SPG = Society for Propagating the Gospels, etc.
WD = Weinland Diaries
WL = Weinland Letters
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