Abraham Lincoln? Or Not?

A Challenge to Abraham Lincoln's Ancestry

Publishers of history books could be in for a landslide of new business based on some sensational changes in reporting the past. R. Vincent Enlow, a New Jersey resident, has put together some significant research in a powerful disclosure of perhaps the greatest deception of the American public.

A Ten-Year Labor of Love

"The Abraham Lincoln Genesis Cover-up", available exclusively at Genealogy Today, is bound to raise the hackles of modern day authors and an endless line of experts who have devoted years to perpetuating a fabricated story of our 16th President's heritage, carefully dodging his illegitimate birth in North carolina.

Daniel Boone with faithful dog at his side introduces Abraham Enloe to Cherokee Chief Sawinookih possibly at the Cumberland Gap - An Original Work by Robert V. Enlow "The woods are full of Abraham Lincolns, more than one Nancy Hanks, and hundreds (indeed thousands) of self-appointed experts in Lincolnia ready to challenge anything but the Sunday-school story of his origin," explained Mr. Enlow. "I've spent the past 10 years, off and on, working on this project. While no one can say for certain who Lincoln's parents were, there are enough facts here to challenge the 'official' story taught in schools for countless years."

Abraham Lincoln was probably about six years older than his faked birth date of Feb. 12, 1809, and no more resembled Thomas Lincoln than his true half-brother, Wesley Enloe, who shares the same ultra-lanky frame inherited from their father (see a photo comparison).

Mr. Enlow details, side by side, the North Carolina and Kentucky traditions, one backed by a wealth of evidence, the other based on assumptions complete with unexplained gaps of time and frequent admissions of unexplainability. Download the essay

Robert Enlow at work on a sculpture of his famous ancestor. Mr. Enlow Makes Local News

"I've lived in New Providence for five years and never considered that I could be living with descendants of some pretty famous people," explained Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "So you can imagine my surprise when I came home one day and read about the Lincoln story in my local paper." The Independent Press granted Genealogy Today permission to reprint the unique story about Mr. Enlow's theories that was published locally on February 7, 2001. Read the article

One Hundred Years of Controversy

The debate over Lincoln's true ancestry has been going on for many years. Mr. Enlow's research includes published sources dating back to 1899. We've put together Mr. Enlow's bibliography, and through our affiliation with Alibris, the used book company, have located copies that can be purchased. Purchase the books

A depiction of the Abraham Enloe farm house, where Mr. Enlow maintains America's 16th President was conceived. More Selections from
The Lincoln Gallery

Click here to browse the growing collection of R.V. Enlow original dipictions of the Lincoln era.

Online Devotion to
Honest Abe

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