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Cathey, James. H. "The Genesis of Lincoln"

Tarbell, Ida M. "The Life of Abraham Lincoln"
McClure, Phillips & Co. New York, 1904

Barton, William E. "The Life of Abraham Lincoln"
Bobbs-Merrill Company Indianapolis, 1925

Warren, Louis A. "Lincoln's Parentage & Childhood"
Century County Publishing New York, 1926

Coggins, J.C. "Abraham Lincoln, North Carolina with Proof"

Hertz, Emanuel, "The Hidden Lincoln"
Viking Press New York, 1938

Thomas, Benjamin P. "Portrait For Posterity"
Rutledge Hill Press New Brunswick, 1947

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Additional Books

Abraham Lincoln and His Ancestors
Ida Tarbell brings to the reader a vivid description of a family who worked hard, prayed hard, struggled, and succeeded in the great drama of the making of a nation.

The Pioneer and the Prairie Lawyer : Boone and Lincoln Family Heritage
Discover the many marriages between the Lincoln/Boone families during their forty-nine years of migrating together through seven states.

With Malice Toward None : A Life of Abraham Lincoln
A masterful biography of Lincoln that follows his bitter struggle with poverty, his self-made success in business and law, and more.

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