Abraham Lincoln's Ancestry
Abraham Lincoln? Or Not?

The Abraham Lincoln Genesis Cover-up

The Censored Origins of an Illustrious Ancestor

The cover is off the genesis cover-up of Abraham Lincoln. No longer is it a mystery who was the natural father of our 16th President. For years others were rumored to be his father, yet Thomas Lincoln was never mentioned. That is, until the federal government, at the behest of his son Robert Todd Lincoln, then Secretary of War, ordered that one of a possible sixteen sites in Kentucky and his birth date of 1809 be officially established to preserve his reputation.

History researcher R. Vincent Enlow, a New Jersey resident, uncovered not only an overwhelming evidence favoring one Abraham Enloe, a North Carolinian, as Lincoln's sire, but a wealth of assumptions and loopholes in the Kentucky "Sunday-school" versions of Lincoln's early life published after his assassination in 1865.

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Genesis Cover-up

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About the Author

The author, now in his 80's, was born in the panhandle of western Maryland. His ancestors there date back to 1670 at the time three Enloe school teacher brothers arrived from Lieth, Scotland. Former marketing executive of Ford Motor International, he introduced the first one-hour television spectacular in Latin America and staged the first Broadway-style automotive shows in the Middle East. He initiated television to the Wall Street Journal, receiving the "Clio" award at the American Television Commercial Festival. Political cartoonist, scupltor and artists, he now resides with his wife in the Watchung Mountains area of central New Jersey.

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